Hey, I'm Adam.

I like to solve problems with code.

From my first professional development job at 14, back when the internet was built with <table>s, I have been building websites, mobile apps and mobile applications.

I’m a 30-something digital technologist born and raised in Swindon, Wiltshire, UK. Since my first professional project at 14, I have worked across the tech sector doing everything from building websites and mobile apps to consulting with some of the worlds largest companies.

In 2017, I joined Neo4j as a Field Engineer/Professional Services Consultant and have since travelled across Europe, training users to be successful with Neo4j and contributing to projects for startups to household companies.

During the day I work as a Developer Advocate at Neo4j, teaching Developers and Data Scientists how to build applications through GraphAcademy.

Away from the computer, I am a sports fan - in particular I enjoy watching live football, playing snooker and pool.

Speaker Bio

Adam Cowley is a dedicated developer with a keen interest in data and graph databases. Serving as a Staff Developer Advocate at Neo4j, Adam produces educational content for GraphAcademy, Neo4j’s free, self-paced, online learning platform.

His technical experience spans two decades, developing websites, mobile apps and mixed reality experiences for budding startups to the world’s biggest companies.